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International Property Investment Company

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  • Viewing Trip
  • Viewing Trip
  • Viewing Trip
  • Viewing Trip
  • Viewing Trip
  • Viewing Trip
  • Viewing Trip

Viewing Trip

The Windrush Alliance viewing trip is an intricately structured introduction to every single element of purchasing a property in Calabria generally carried out over a period of 3 days and 2 nights (this is flexible according to the clients preference).

The Client is contacted several times (individual requirements dictating the number of calls) prior to traveling, first and foremost to introduce the member of the team that will be tending to there every need throughout their stay in Calabria. The client therefore knows the representative before they meet face to face. During the process of the introductory contact, the schedule for the visit will be arranged according to the specific requirements of the client in question. No viewing trip is identical to another. Each tour is tailored to the specific guidelines of the client. The final call before the client travels is made the day prior to departure. The reason for this, is to double check the flight itinerary and provide alternative routes in case of delays and missed connections, this is just a precaution, as the flight routes are meticulously planned to avoid any potential mishaps where possible. If the client is taking a connection flight we make a point of contacting them whilst in transit to re-confirm all is going according to plan. 


When the client arrives at the designated airport, the Windrush Alliance representative is there in clear view (at a pre-arranged, clearly noticeable location) at the entrance to the main terminal building from the arrivals lounge to meet, greet and welcome the client too Calabria. The representative is always, in accordance to company policy, in business attire clearly displaying the clients name on a welcome board with the Windrush Logo (the client has the logo on all the documentation they receive as a reference point for the welcome board) in full view. 

Upon arrival the client is offered the option of a cup of coffee or alternative beverage of choice before taking the short drive to the hotel selected by the respective client from a short list of highly recommended accommodation options in the immediate area of interest at special discounted rates for Windrush Alliance. The airport transfers are completely free of charge as are all our services from the initial point of contact through until the title deed is signed. For the duration of the tour, the client is escorted in one of the companies executive cars (disabled access vehicles are also available). Again, in accordance with company policy, all vehicles are regularly checked to ensure fresh bottled water is readily available for the clients and that corporate brochures are supplied in the seat pockets at all times. Depending on the requirements of the clients regarding properties of interest, specific product information is also provided, along with the corporate brochures. 

When the clients are taken to the hotel, with the assistance of the representative, they are checked in, assisted with their luggage to their room and are given an agreed time frame to relax and freshen up. This of course is dictated by the time of arrival and clients wishes. 

In relation to a morning, or afternoon arrival, following the above procedure we then suggest a short meeting in the hotel reception or a local coffee shop depending on the accommodation selected. The purpose of this initial meeting is to reconfirm the exact specifications of the client in relation to area, product and services required. The meeting is conducted in an extremely relaxed manner, as is the entire Windrush Alliance Experience. 

As regarding an evening arrival, the client is offered the option of joining us for dinner in a local restaurant, or alternatively they are more than welcome to get an early night so as to be fully recuperated for the following day's touring. 

The Area Tour

The Client is collected from the accommodation at an agreed time, which is generally between 09.00am &10.00am after breakfast. We find that through establishing a relationship with the client and gaining as much information as possible prior to their viewing trip, we are able to fine tune the whole process, narrow down areas and product of potential interest, thus maximizing the clients time on the ground and not wasting it. This allows us to conduct business in a more relaxed manner whilst remaining professional at all times and more importantly, achieving the goal of the client (the purchase of a property) prior to returning home. It is extremely important not only to introduce the client to properties but also the surrounding area of the property, attractions in the immediate vicinity and all local amenities and facilities.

When selecting a property, the client needs to feel and appreciate the lifestyle of the area and product alike. For this reason, we make a point of introducing the client too local restaurants in the immediate area depending where the strong interest lies, providing them with a taste of what they can, in more depth participate in the future. 

Midway through the tour when an area and product (or several) of interest have been obtained, Windrush Alliance take the liberty of providing a free consultancy session with a locally based lawyer in order to answer any questions the client may have but more importantly, the buying process in relation to a specific product as supposed to generalizing.

As the visit approaches an end, Windrush Alliance have, Established what will be an excellent long standing relationship with the client, we have introduced them to a selection of product matching their budget, specifications and requirements. Introduced them to the entire Windrush experience and to a degree, with the up most respect and integrity managed the clients best interests. Provided them with all the information regarding legalities, tax and finance and invited them in to the lifestyle and culture of the area and product they initially desired therefore allowing the client themselves to narrow down the portfolio of product to a specific development and unit with which they wish to proceed.

At this point we walk the client through the formality of taking the property of interest off the market and where possible provide them with a first draft copy of the specific preliminary sales agreement to take home and study.

The client is escorted to the airport on their departure date and assisted with checking in. From that point on the procedure is continued with same standard of professionalism and service that was provided in the initial point of contact.  

Please complete the following form and a Windrush Representative will be in contact with you shortly. Thank You.