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5 December 2023

Tis the Season to be Jolly. Our Italian partners certainly are :-)

Tis the Season to be Jolly. Our Italian partners certainly are :-)


24 November 2023

Happy Thanksgiving #happythanksgiving #2023

What does Happy Thanksgiving mean?

You give thanks to people and show your gratitude. Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends.

Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks and sharing with your loved ones, but for me, it has a little different meaning. First, usually for us, Thanksgiving means going somewhere where family is.



13 November 2023

15 Year + Member | AIPP

Association for International Property Professionals (AIPP) 15 YR + Member

#aipp #15year #member

31 October 2023

Oasis Blu @ Portobello Village is here #oasisblu

The newest installment in the Portobello Village family is finally here, Oasis Blu Boutique Villas. A selection of 8 highly designed villas located in the newest desirable neighborhood of Tropea.


24 August 2023

New District Launched | Portobello Village Tropea


3 Bed 2 Bath designed over 2 levels

Internal SQM: 120
Porch SQM: 50
Balcony SQM: 50
Garden SQN: 402
Roof Top Solarium SQM: 50

Private Pool SQM: 32
Pool Solarium SQM: 50

Villa A: € 540,000
Villa B: € 530,000
Villa C: € 550,000

Flexible Payment Plans Available.

Portobello Village is more than an investment; this is a lifestyle opportunity for anyone wanting to escape, for shorter or extended periods, while still being very connected with the world.

Every piece of land is ready to build, and we offer exclusive villas, townhouses & suites in the luxury 5 Star Hotel, all sustainably designed. Construction of the first phase has already begun starting in the middle quarter of 2019 with the initial works to prepare the full site for ease of marketing and sales i.e. entrance, footpaths, road landscaping and the all-important Sales & Marketing suite.

More than half of the total area will have private recreation areas reserved exclusively for Portobello residents and their guests. We also have access to a private beach through our own Portobello Beach club. This will be serviced by a bus shuttle running ever hour through-out the day. Since most of our investors are entrepreneurs, there will also be a world-class co-working space (located in the Hotel) where all investors are guaranteed a spot.


19 June 2023

Russel Crowe - Gladiator - A Trip to Tropea

If its good enough for Russel Crowe, it certainly is good enough for us.......

#russelcrowe #vacationsouth #tropea#hollywood #celebrity

25 May 2023

Window Instalation | Portobello Village

Yesterday, windows were installed in one of our Properties in Portobello Village. We don't just sell property, we sell a package.

Our job is to help you find the property, purchase the property, furnish the property & ENJOY the property.

We deal with the issues so you don't have to to.


#haapyclients #experiencedagents #clientsfirst #service #no1agents #bestagentsineurope #awardwinners #windrushalliance

6 April 2023

Happy Easter #happyeaster #easter #egg

Happy Easter to one & all

Eggs represent new life and rebirth, and it's thought that this ancient custom became a part of Easter celebrations. In the medieval period, eating eggs was forbidden during Lent (the 40 days before Easter) so on Easter Sunday, tucking into an egg was a real treat!ù

#eggs #happyeaster #buonapasqua

4 April 2023

7% flat rate for United Nations retirees in southern Italy

In 2019, a new tax treatment for pensioners got introduced, adopting art. 24-ter in the Italian income tax code.

Basically, a pensioner who has not been a resident of Italy in the 5 years prior to moving here can claim a flat 7% taxation on ALL of the foreign income sources, not just the foreign pension received. The 7% flat tax applies to all foreign income sources, including:

    Pension Income
    Interest Income
    Rental Income
    Capital Gains
    Severance Payments
    Miscellaneous Income

There is no income cap on the income attached to the 7% flat tax, making it very attractive to new pensioners wishing to move to Italy without spending a fortune on taxes. This regime lasts for up to 10 years, and you can drop off at any time prior the end of the period.
7% flat tax requirements

In order to qualify for the 7% flat tax regime for pensioners, you must receive a private or public pension, it doesn’t matter whether you are a citizen of Italy or not, but you must receive a foreign sourced pension.

You should not have been a resident of Italy in the last 5 tax years prior to moving to Italy. This means that you may have been a tax resident of Italy 5 years ago or more and still qualify.

Finally, you must settle in a qualifying municipality. Note that you cannot benefit from this favorable tax treatment if you move to Italy to a non qualifying municipality, and then move into a qualifying one! Which are the qualifying municipalities for the 7% flat tax for pensioners in Italy?
7% flat tax qualifying municipalities

In order to qualify for the 7% flat tax for pensioners, you must relocate to a qualifying municipality as per the paragraph 1 of the art. 24-ter. According to it, any municipality with 20,000 inhabitants or less located in any of the following regions qualify:


To find out more please make an inquiry.


4 April 2023

Goodbye Amalfi, HELLO Tropea | Daily Telegragh UK 2023

Goodbye Amalfi, HELLO Tropea.......

New Travel Bucket List for 2023

#dailymail #dailymailuk #bucketlist2023 #bastaamalfihellotropea #bastaamalafi #hellotropea #calabria
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